Autumn tortilla night


We invited frends over for dinner last night. As we got back late from work we were pleased that our son wants to go to bed early, otherwise top achievement would be tomato and basil bruschetta. What do you prepare in lack of time when you still  wish to make an impression? I remembered that I recently bought home made tortillas from one lady that prepares them for local restaurants, I’ve put them in freezer, just in case of unexpected guests or mexican food hungry husband. It was excellant opportunity to add spicy flavor in early October night. I would have made them myself but admit that bought ones were perfectly thin, elastic and tender. If you have great proven recipe for tender tortilla, please share! Thing I like most about tacos, burritos and wraps is wonderful food sharing. So many colorful plates and bowls on dinner table, smiling faces that are busy making their meal and passing bowls to each other. First time I tried tortilla was ten years ago when I was living at Munich, Germany. I was there to learn german after graduation and my dear friends who live there invited me over for dinner. Ever since I love to prepare them for friend because you get to prepare something tasty and (more less) healthy that it sutable also for my vegeterian friend Aleksandra, and to enjoy it yourself. I don’t know about you guys, but how often do you get to sit peacefully with your guests when preparing dinner?

I think there is no need to write in steps recipe but will be happy to share what was served last night on our table. If there is need process description please comment!


– makes enough for about 12 tortillas, count 2 per person –

Bowl 1: Veggies you like (in my case: 1 pound mashrooms, 2 red and 1 green paprika, 1 small aubergine, 1 bigger red onion, 1 clove garlic, 2 medium zucchini), salt&pepper, olive oil

Bowl 2: 1 pound chicken brests cut in small cubes flovered with kurkuma, olive oil and salt

Bowl 3: 1 pound tender beef spiced with fresh hot chilly, tyme and salt 

Bowl 4: 1 cup creme fraiche with few drops of lemon juice and freshly grated red pepper

Bowl 5: some green lettuce

Bowl 6: about 1 cup sweet corn

Bowl 7: about 1 cup black beans 

Bowl 8: about 1/2 cup grated cheese

Tabasco and other spices on table according to taste!


Heat tortillas on hot pan for few seconds on each side, cover to keep them warm for serving. Let your guests decide what and how much to fill. Eat with hands please, forget forks and knife! It was so good that I forgot to take more pictures!

I finished dinner with simplest dessert I ever made. My hubby liked it so much that we ask me to do it again today after lunch. Read about it in my next blog!


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